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Omega Juicer VRT350The Omega Juicer VRT350 is a popular choice for people who looks to meet their daily nutrition needs by juicing. The busy lifestyle of a working class can make it challenging to consume enough greens. More and more people are choosing to eat out instead of rushing home to cook. This could make their nutrients intake become imbalance. To solve this issue, they have taken to drink juices to make up for the shortage of nutrients that they need.

If this is you, then this article is for you. I have spend days reading through the reviews from people that are using this juicer, consolidated their reviews and listed down the questions that potential users are asking. You will be able to find out what this juicer offer, what it can juice, read about the feedback from other users before you decide if this is the right juicer for you. Let’s read on.


What features does the Omega Juicer VRT350 have?

The Omega VRT350 is a powerful single auger masticating juicer that is featured in a vertical design. Besides looking good on your countertop, this compact juicer will also free up precious countertop space for you. The machine has two sprouts and it comes with two containers, one for the juice and one for the pulp.

It operates at a low speed of 80rpm which will help to keep the enzymes in your juices intact. At the same time, the low speed will also prevent oxidation of the juices thus allowing it to be kept up to 72 hours.  This would mean that you can juice a whole batch of produce and store it instead of doing it daily.

This juicer comes with a Ultem juicing screen that is made to withstand heavy duty juicing. This Ultem juicing screen is 8x stronger than any other normal juicing screen. So you can rest assured that it will not break so easily.

Omega offers one of the longest warranty for its juicer. You will be pleased to know that the Omega Juicer VRT350 comes with a 10-year warranty. You will be hard pressed to find another juicer company that is offering such a long warranty period for their juicer.


Is this model easy to clean?

This is a question that is raised by many potential users as some juicers have a lot of removable parts that need to be clean. Should that be the case, you might end up spending a lot of time trying to get it clean. But who likes to spend time washing when you have better use of your time like sitting back enjoying your juices?

If this is you, I have great news. This model does not have a lot of parts and it is very easy to clean. This machine has a self-cleaning function which is really useful. When you are changing to another produce or done with your juicing, just pour some water into the juicer for it to self-clean. This makes cleaning it a breeze.

On average, other users who have bought this model have reported that they only spend 2 to 10 minutes getting it clean. Another customer has commented that the auger always gets full, the more so when she’s juicing greens. Her tip on clearing the pulp out is to juice either cucumber, beet or lemon last. From her experience, when she does that, this will help to clear out all the pulp making it easier to clean up. She will also add a bit of water into the machine to aid in the clearing up. Do give it a try and let me know how well this works for you.


Can it juice wheatgrass?

WheatgrassWheatgrass contains a lot of beneficial nutrients which we can benefit from. Therefore, it is a very popular choice when it comes to juicing. However, it has very tough fiber such that not every juicer can handle it well. If you like wheatgrass, you need to choose one that is able to juice it.

So can this juicer juice wheatgrass? The answer is yes. The people who own this machine have feedback that they have used it to juice wheatgrass and they are very satisfied with the result.

One issue that some of them face is the wheatgrass has a tendency to clog up the juicer if you feed it in whole. To prevent that from happening, just cut the wheatgrass into a shorter length before feeding it into the juicer.


How does this juicer work on vegetables like cabbages and beetroots?

Garden Output Greens and Cabbage
Base on customers review, this juicer is excellent with vegetables, including cabbages and beetroots. When juicing cabbages and beetroot, you have to cut them up into smaller pieces. If you are juicing a fibrous produce, the tip is to cut it across the fiber length. This will result in produce with shorter fiber which will not clog up as easily.

There are also customers who experience clog up when they are juicing celery, which tends to have more fiber. To get around this, one user’s solution is to cut the celery lengthwise and to clean the juicer out periodically. You can use the self-cleaning feature or juice some carrots which will clear the juicer up. He also advises that when using ginger, you should chop it down to 1/4″ pieces to avoid jamming. Generally, he advises that for anything that has more fiber to be chop down to 1/4″. From his experience, anything longer than that will clog the juicer up.


What is the difference between Omega VRT350 and Omega VRT330?

The Omega Juicer VRT350 and the Omega Juicer VRT330 look the same. So what could be their differences? Well, not much. The Omega VRT330 juicer is the earlier model while the Omega VRT350 juicer is an improved version of it.

For the Omega VRT330, the juicing screen that comes with it is a normal plastic screen. There have been feedback from users that this screen has a tendency to break. This prompted Omega to come out with an improved version, which is the Omega VRT350. This model comes with a Ultem juicing screen which is much stronger than the previous version. So if you are considering between these 2 models, I would advise that you choose the Omega VRT350.

Another thing that you might notice is the difference in prices between the juicers color. You might be wondering what are the differences between them. Well, the fact is they are actually the same machine. The only difference they have is their color. If the color of the juicer is not your top concern, I would suggest that you choose either the black or red color. This will save you money which you can spend on buying more produce for your juicing needs.


Can you make frozen fruit sorbets with this juicer?

Although the manual did not state sorbet making as one of its features, there have been customers who had tried to make sorbet with it. Their feedback is that they have been successful in their attempt.

I have inserted a video here on how to make sorbet with it. However, if you really like making sorbet regularly, you might want to consider this omega juicer instead.


Does this juicer produce a lot of pulp?

In my opinion, this is actually very subjective. For people who like pulp, they would not mind if their juice is a bit pulpy as this would add on to their fiber intake. However, there are some people who like their juice smooth or they could even be fiber intolerant. For people who are fiber intolerant, they can suffer from gassiness, bloatedness and diarrhea should they consume too much fiber. Therefore, they are more concern if their juice will contain a lot of pulp. So, does this juicer produce a lot of pulp?

I have read through the comment from customers and there’s mixed sentiment. The majority of the users feedback that there is not much pulp in their juices with a minority saying that their juices are pulpy. A customer by the name of Ray says that he’s getting a lot of pulp while Tina, another customer, says that she doesn’t have this issue. To get around this, always use the fine screen when you are juicing. Besides this, the produce you choose can also be responsible for giving you a pulpier drink. This will be the case when you choose mainly soft fruits instead of leafy greens.

One customer, Steven E. Lawrence, shared his method on reducing pulp. He will always cut the produce into small pieces and juice them slowly. Next, he will strain the juice with a good coffee maker strainer to remove any excessive pulp. This will ensure that he gets a smooth drink. Do give this a try if you like your juice to be smooth.



Having read through all the favorable comments from the users, this is indeed an excellent juicer. Couple with the long warranty, the slow juicing feature that prevents oxidation, and how well it work with greens, this juicer will serve you well in meeting your daily nutrients needs.

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