Omega J8006 Juicer: All You need to know

produceThe Omega J8006 is a popular juicer that has a number of functions packed into it. If you are a seasoned juicer, this machine will not be a stranger to you. And the fact that you are reading this article could mean that you are considering the option of getting one to meet your juicing needs.

I am interested in this juicer as well and have been doing research on it. I was a little confused by all the different models and wonder what are their differences. After spending some time on researching the similarities and differences, I have compiled what I learn into this article. In this article, I will touch on their differences, what this machine is capable of doing and who should consider buying it. Let’s take a look at what this machine offers.

What type of juicer is the Omega J8006?

This juicer is a masticating juicer which is also known as the slow juicer. The juices are processed at a low speed of 80rpm. This will help to maintain the color and taste of the juice, as well as keeping the minerals and nutrients intact. Another advantage of the low-speed juicing is that it will cut down on the froth and foam from forming.

The machine extract juices by first crushing the produce with the auger. Next, the pulp will be squeeze before being ejected by the machine. The end result is a very dry pulp and more juices for your consumption.


What’s the differences between all the Omega juicers?

268/365 - Default StateIf you are like me, you might be confused by the different models that the company is selling. After doing various research, I have finally cleared up my confusion. And I would like to do the same for you.

In short, the J8006 and J8004 are actually the same. Their only difference is in the color of the machine. The J8004 comes in white, which tends to get stain easier unless you clean it really well. The J8006 comes in Chrome/Black and is more resistant to stains.

The J003 and the J8005 are same juicers. Their difference is again in terms of color. The J003 comes in white where else the J8005 comes in Chrome/Black.

The difference between these 2 group of juicers is the warranty. The first group comes with a 15 years warranty and the latter comes with a 10 years warranty.


How durable is the auger?

You might have some concern about the auger and wonder if it will break from all the juicing activities. You can rest you mind at ease as this machine come with a GE Ultem Auger which is 8x stronger than most of the plastics auger out there.


Will the machine generate a lot of noise?

When choosing a juicer, one of the factor that you might consider is the noise produced by the machine. A lot of people like to wake up to their glass of freshly made juices. It will not do to wake up the whole family, or worst still, your neighbours, every morning when you are doing your juicing.

The good thing about this machine is that it is pretty quiet when you operate it. The noise generated by the machine is not loud enough to wake your neighbours. You will not have to experience the scenario whereby your neighbours are banging on your door angrily, demanding you to stop your juicing. It won’t even wake up your family members unless they are a very light sleeper.


What produce can this machine juice?

This machine is an all rounder. It can juice soft and hard fruits, leafy greens and hard vegetable. If you like wheatgrass, you will be happy to know that this machine can even juice them.

wheatgrass-juice Omega J8006


What features does the J8006 have?

Besides juicing, this machine is also a multi-function equipment. You can turn it into a food processor that will chop and mince your garlic, ginger, and herbs.

Or you can turn the machine into a pasta extruder, just fit in the desired nozzle and you are ready to  produce homemade noodles.How ab homemade nut butters? Now you can do it yourself using this machine.

How about homemade nut butter? Can this machine be used to make nut butter? Yes, you can.

Homemade Baby Food | The DabblistIf you are a new parent with a baby who are starting solids, making time to prepare your own baby food can be a challenged. No worries, this machine is here to help. Just gather all the ingredients, pop it into the machine and out come your baby food. Making baby food has never been easier.

Want some coffee to boost up your energy from staying up late but you have run out of coffee powder? No worries. Just grab some coffee beans and toss them into this machine. Within minutes, it will present you with freshly grind coffee powder.

If you are not into coffee, you can make some homemade soy milk using this machine.

Isn’t that a whole lot of functions? Having this machine alone will save you money and space as you do not need to buy other machines like the coffee maker, pasta machine, etc.


How long is the warranty?

This machine probably offers the longest warranty among all the juicers. It is offering a 15 years warranty. With such a long warranty, you can almost say that this machine can last you a lifetime.


Do I need to cut up the produce?

The food preparation stage is one area where you need to spend more time on. As the feed chute is not very wide, you would need to cut the produce into smaller pieces. According to the user manual, the company advice that the best way to extract juices more thoroughly is to cut the produce into smaller pieces. They also advise that you wash your produce thoroughly plus remove the peels to prevent consuming pesticides that are on the outer layer of the produce. This is actually very good advice from the company.

A word of caution. There will be cases where the produce gets stuck. Should this happen, use the food plunger or another piece of produce to push it down. You must never, ever, insert your bare hand into the food chute to try to remove the blockage while the machine is still running.

This machine has a reverse button. If the above step doesn’t clear the blockage, press on the reverse button 2 to 3 times. Then press the “On” button and you will be able to resume with your juicing.



The Omega J8006 is a masticating juicer that can make baby food, pasta, food processor and much much more. By owning just this machine, it will save you money and counter space as you no longer need to get machines whose functions can be served by it.

Even though this machine is truly a gem, it is not meant for everyone. This juicer is right for you if you are a seasoned juicer who wants a more dense kind of juice and do not mind to spend time on cutting up the produce.

If you just want to have your juice fast, check out this centrifugal juicer instead.


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